ISC Phlotich Pulley

ISC’s Phlotich Pulley, meticulously crafted for both SRT and DdRT applications, comes with the option of either bushings or bearings. The ISC Apex Rope Wrench features a unique ‘Kidney’ aperture that:
  • accommodates a wide variety of carabiner connector shapes, allowing for rotation of any carabiner
  • enables multiple carabiner connections simultaneously
  • facilitates carabiner self-centering based on load application, particularly useful in DdRT climbing scenarios such as ascending to large limbs.
  • provides a perfect anchoring spot for sternal devices (carabiner, hook, chestie, etc.) during ascent in SRT climbing with a Rope Wrench. The connector in the ‘Kidney’ aperture self-aligns to the most efficient position and can be easily attached and removed
  • efficiently serves as a trolley and self-aligns anchoring carabiner in the ‘Kidney’ aperture when configured accordingly
  • ideal for ‘Double Crotching’ and setting up mechanical advantage systems due to multiple attachment points and the ability to anchor multiple carabiners in the ‘Kidney’ aperture


  • Profiled side plates minimise host line movement
  • Perfectly mating side plates ensure a clean connection to anchoring carabiners allowing proper alignment of hitch, pulley, and tether
  • Lower anchor aperture enables full carabiner rotation
  • Dual carabiner alignment feature streamlining operations in Doubled Rope Climbing setups


  • Rope diameter range: Max 13mm
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 30kN
  • Serial numbering: As standard
  • Wheel material: Aluminium
  • Body finish: Anodised
  • May be serviced: No
  • Weight: 145 grams
  • Approved Standards: EN12278:07

Download: Technical Datasheet

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