ISC RED Back-up (Popper Cord)


RED’s innovative cams have a positively locking spring, ensuring self-parking functionality crucial for Rope Access work techniques. Unlike self-tailing devices, the RED self-parks, minimising fall factors and enhancing safety on the job.

Utilising ‘Rotational Braking,’ the RED rotates clockwise to create friction and resistance, providing automatic braking in the event of a sudden pull on the cows-tail, such as during a main line failure.

The Popper device serves as a breakaway release clip, offering a secondary attachment point for the tow cord. During normal positioning activities, this secondary point allows for direct downward towing of the device. In emergency situations, the popper clip releases under load, preventing uncontrolled towing and mitigating against potential hazards.

Choose from standard (fixed) tow cord or non-tow cord versions to suit your specific needs.

Technical Data:

  • Rope diameter range: 10.5 – 11mm (Approved Ropes only)
  • Number of persons: 2
  • Working Load Limit: 240kg
  • Cam material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Approved Standards: EN 12841
  • Serial numbering: As standard

Download: Technical Datasheet

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