ISC RP433 LH-ALF Pulley


The LH-ALF byt ISC has been designed specifically for material handling tasks, the LH-ALF offers unparalleled speed and flexibility without compromising on safety. Unlike traditional locking devices, the LH-ALF features brake pawls on one side only, allowing for swift and unrestricted hauling movements.

Ideal for scenarios where quick manoeuvrability is essential, such as unloading materials from a supply vessel, the LH-ALF ensures seamless operations without the risk of unintentional locking.

Our LH-ALF kit includes everything you need for smooth and efficient lifting:

  • RP433 LH-ALF
  • RP063 Medium Aluminium Prussik Pulley
  • KH407 Pear Scaffold Carabiner (Anchor Connector)
  • KH221 Aluminium Oval Carabiner (Supersafe)

Delivered in a convenient carry bag, the kit comes with ample rope to achieve a 10m (32ft) Height of Lift. Customisable options for different Heights of Lift and bespoke kits are also available upon request.


  • Rope diameter range: 11mm
  • Number of persons: n/a
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Colour: Grey
  • May be serviced: Yes
  • Weight: 1236grams

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