JAMA Safety Helmet (Blue)


Introducing the latest innovation in climbing gear: the new JAMA lightweight climbing helmet!

Renowned for its unparalleled comfort, this helmet stands out in its class. With 10 strategically placed screened vents, it guarantees maximum breathability during your climbs.

Ensuring a secure fit, the adjustable 4-point chin strap keeps your helmet in place, providing peace of mind as you ascend. What’s more, the unique “Quick Turn” adjuster allows for effortless resizing, accommodating head sizes from 51 to 62cm with ease.

Forget about extra mounts – our helmet comes equipped with built-in ear muff slots and head lamp mounting brackets, streamlining your setup for added convenience.


  • Possibly the most comfortable helmet in its class
  • 10 screened vents in the right location ensures maximum breathability
  • Adjustable 4 point chin strap to keep your helmet securely fitted
  • Unique “Quick Turn” adjuster enables easy adjustment of your helmet from sizes 51-62cm
  • Built in ear muff slots (no extra mounts required)
  • Certified to EN12492

 Available Colours: Yellow, White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black

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