Marlow Fast Rope


Marlow Ropes pioneered the original Fast Ropes in collaboration with the British Special Forces. Today, these ropes are utilised by traditional regiments, special forces, and SWAT teams worldwide. Recognisable by the Marlow “Black Marker” trademark, Marlow Fast Ropes guarantee reliability and performance.

The innovative design of the Marlow Fast Rope ensures comfortable control during descent, facilitating easier braking and speed regulation. Its flexibility minimises strain on the hands, requiring less force compared to conventional ropes. Thanks to its unique construction, the rope effectively absorbs oil and spills, with speed and control remaining unaffected during descent.

Available in 40mm diameter.


  • Liquid absorption
  • Comfortable handling
  • Shock absorbing
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • High elongation
  • Soft and supple texture

Available Diameter: 32mm, 40mm

Available Length: 18.3m (60ft), 27.4m (90ft)

Download: Technical Datasheet

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