Marlow FRIES


The Marlow F.R.I.E.S is designed for rapid deployment and retrieval, minimising risk to helicopters and personnel. This versatile system can carry six fully equipped personnel, thanks to its strong and durable loop and lanyard system made from Marlow’s hardwearing Black Static LSK. Additionally, the F.R.I.E.S can be used as a standard fast rope.

The unique construction of the Marlow Fast Rope provides comfortable control throughout descent, making it easier to slow down and brake. Its supple design is gentle on hands and requires less force compared to other ropes. The rope’s ability to absorb liquids ensures that oil and general spillages do not affect speed or control during descent. The Marlow Fast Rope is available in both standard 40mm and thinner 32mm nominal diameters.

Download: Technical Datasheet

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