Marlow Vega 11.7mm Rope

Vega is an 11.7mm lightweight arborist climbing rope boasting the industry’s lowest elongation at 1.2%. Specifically designed for the latest mechanical climbing devices and modern techniques, minimising bounce and fatigue during climbs. With a robust polyester core and 24-plait polyester jacket, Vega ensures exceptional flexibility and handling while maintaining durability.


  • Compatible with the latest climbing devices
  • Spliceable for added versatility
  • Easy handling for effortless use
  • Excellent UV resistance for prolonged durability
  • High-visibility colours for easy identification and enhanced safety
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Lightweight design

Available Colours: Orange, Green, Neon Yellow

Available Lengths: 35m, 45m, 60m

Download: Technical Datasheet

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