Notch CBF Climber's Best Friend Mini Wedge


Notch’s, new and improved, Mini Felling Wedge has been meticulously crafted with the climbing arborist in focus.

Engineered from solid plastic, its ergonomic design and balanced weight ensure swift and effortless handling while up in the tree. Featuring a carabiner hole compatible with most large carabiners, the Climber’s Best Friend (CBF) is the ultimate solution for preventing saw pinching in tight kerfs. Secure it to your harness with a simple line attachment to ensure it stays within reach. Plus, the CBF’s spacious hole offers versatility, allowing it to be effortlessly stowed on various carabiners or tool carriers.

Dimensions: 3.5 inches long, 1.9 inches wide, inner diameter 14.4mm x 25.2mm

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