Notch Dragon Climbing Line 7/6" (11mm)


Dragon is a tough kernmantle line ideal for SRS climbing. With its high strength and distinct appearance, it features an 11.1mm diameter that feels comfortable and works well across most mechanical devices. Its 32-strand polyester jacket over a twisted nylon core offers low-creep properties and durability, while the high-tenacity polyester sheath ensures resistance to abrasion and UV damage. Dragon’s low-stretch design minimises bounce during ascent in SRS setups, providing a smoother climbing experience.

Technical Data:

  • Diameter: 7/16″ (11mm)
  • Minimum Break Strength: 7,900 lbs (35.2 kN)
  • Weight: 5.98 lbs per 100 ft
  • Materials: Nylon, Polyester
  • Strand Count: 32, Kernmantle construction
  • Tensile Strength: 8,800 lbs (39.1kN)
  • WLL: 880 lbs (3.1 kN)

Available Lengths: 36m, 45m, 60m


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