Notch Gecko Steel Climbers - Pole Gaff


The Notch Gecko Steel Climbers offer an affordably priced steel climber option crafted for ergonomic comfort and support.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Notch Gecko Aluminium Climbers, engineered with durable materials they offer a resilient, long-lasting, and comfortable solution for climbers.


  • Crafted from robust steel with a protective finish, ensuring durability and resistance to rust
  • Adjustable comfort with the high-impact plastic moulded cuff, featuring integrated padding
  • Optimal leg positioning facilitated by the offset leg stirrup
  • Enhanced security during climbing with the 4” wide upper calf strap
  • Sustained comfort provided by replaceable high-density EVA padding
  • Lightweight design, weighing just 5.9 lb. per pair
  • Customisable height adjustment from 14 ¾” to 21” in ¼” increments, catering to climbers of all sizes
  • Reliable performance with hot forged replaceable steel gaffs
  • Additional security offered by the 26” lower straps with split ring
  • Accommodates up to 350 lbs. weight capacity with gear
  • Replacement cuffs and pads available

Available Lengths: Short & Long

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