Notch Quick Cinch Chainsaw Lanyard


The Quick Cinch Chainsaw Lanyard provides a hassle-free solution for attaching to all types and sizes of saws, ensuring maximum reach with minimal effort.

This innovative lanyard addresses a common challenge encountered by climbers and technicians when removing a standard chainsaw lanyard from a top handle saw that has been girth hitched or choked to the small metal D attachment loop. This struggle often requires additional tools and can disrupt worksite operations, particularly during felling tasks when saws need to be swapped. The Quick Cinch system simplifies attachment without the need for girth hitching or choking, streamlining the process and enhancing worksite efficiency.


  • Features double-ended design: one end equipped with a quick cinch system, the other with a traditional loop girth hitch
  • Includes a carabiner serving as a storage ring, facilitating easy hanging on harness tool clips
  • Both ends of the lanyard are usable, adaptable to various saw types
  • Compatible with all saw sizes and types
  • Individually serialised for tracking and identification purposes

Available Lengths: 17mm and 25mm

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