Notch Rope Logic’s SafeBloc Tenex Sling 16ft


SafeBloc is a triple-hole thimble designed to enhance safety by reducing rigging point stress at the top of trees. With its added friction, climbers can seamlessly take control of rigging lines after the groundperson’s initial drop, especially with small-to-medium loads, allowing for smoother operations.

Versatile and reliable, SafeBloc can be used anywhere an arborist block would typically be employed for lowering. Its three-hole design offers adjustable friction levels, allowing climbers to choose the optimal setting without needing to return to the SafeBloc for adjustments.


  • Lightweight
  • No moving parts
  • Hard-coated for extended wear
  • Spliced onto either an adjustable whoopie sling or standard straight sling
  • Triple-hole thimble design reduces rigging point stress
  • Versatile use in place of arborist blocks for lowering
  • Adjustable friction levels

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