ISC Accessory Carabiner - Straight Gate


With an impressive 9kN (2023lbf) Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), the compact yet robust hot forged KL100 by ISC serves as the ideal accessory carabiner. It facilitates a direct connection between your chest harness and SRT system, or securely holds valuable tools on a lanyard.

Sitting between a keyring and a full-size carabiner, the KL100 features gate openings of 15mm (0.59”) and 13mm (0.51”) for the straight and screwgate variants, respectively. This versatile carabiner is suitable for a wide range of non-PPE applications and countless other uses.

Technical Data: 

  • (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength: 9kN
  • (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength: 2023lbf
  • Gate opening gap: 15mm
  • Gate opening gap: 0.59 inches
  • Nose type: Keylock nose
  • Serial numbering: n/a
  • Gate/lock type: Straight gate
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Weight: 20 grams (per carabiner)
  • Weight: 0.7 ounces (per carabiner)
  • Height: 73mm
  • Height: 2.9 inches

Download: Technical Datasheet

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