ISC Squirrel Tether


Discover the unparalleled performance of the ISC Squirrel Tether – the only metal tether exclusively for use with the ISC Rope Wrench. Engineered for low-friction ascents and precise engagement of the rope wrench, this latest iteration is forged from high-grade Aluminium, ensuring minimal twist and flex within the system. This design guarantees optimal positioning of the rope wrench for efficient climbs, while facilitating smooth lateral movements and controlled descents within the canopy.

Equipped with a stopper bollard, the Squirrel Tether maintains the correct positioning of the rope wrench, preventing pinching or squashing of the user’s hand. This feature allows for safe handling of the tether during system adjustments on the rope.

Additionally, the Squirrel can be seamlessly integrated with an SRS Chest Harness, providing hands-free tending during ascents. With four attachment points for chest harnesses, users can customise their setup according to their preference and harness type. The secondary aperture of the Squirrel Pulley also serves as an attachment point for a secondary system, enabling versatile use for rescue operations.


  • Compatible with rope diameter: 11-13mm
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 24kN
  • Serial numbering: As standard
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Weight: 350grams
  • Height: 319mm
  • Approved Standards: ANSI Z133.3

Download: Technical Datasheet

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