Marlow Diablo


Marlow Diablo features a specially designed heat-resistant cover, primarily tailored for military, police, and emergency service applications, Diablo is low-stretch kernmantle type rope with enhanced durability in challenging environments.

In the face of direct heat exposure, Diablo exhibits remarkable endurance compared to regular static ropes. It’s survival time at temperatures surpassing 300°C is five times longer. Even at temperatures up to 300°C, Diablo maintains load-bearing capabilities exceeding 10kN for over 15 minutes, while regular static ropes typically fail catastrophically after just 45 seconds.


  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional heat resistance
  • Effective energy absorption
  • Highly durable
  • Enhanced cut resistance
  • Improved insulation buffer zone
  • Lightweight design
  • Single cover allows for easy damage inspection
  • Compatible with ascenders and descenders

Download: Technical Datasheet

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