Notch BackBone Mini


The Notch BackBone Mini’s compact size makes it ideal for smaller limbs, trees, and situations where the full-size version feels too cumbersome. More than just a heavy-duty rigging tool, the BackBone Mini offers versatility and reliability in fast-paced rigging scenarios.

Simply attach it firmly to the lead end of your rigging line using a splice or cinching-type knot. The BackBone Mini’s weight ensures it stays put, effectively counterbalancing the rigging line’s fall.

Compatible with various sling types, including hollow braid, double braid, webbing, loop, or single eye, the BackBone Mini allows for endless rigging combinations whether balancing limbs or attaching multiple branches.

Its unique design also facilitates seamless transition between static and dynamic rigging. Say goodbye to time-consuming knot tying and hello to efficient rigging operations with the BackBone Mini eliminating the majority of “untie time”.

For knotless rigging enthusiasts seeking innovation, the Notch BackBone Mini, is the ultimate rigging tool. Compact yet powerful, it’s your go-to device for a wide range of rigging scenarios, making it a must-have addition to your arborist toolkit.

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