Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount


Weighing just 7.6 oz, the Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount offers a secure and comfortable leg attachment for any handsaw scabbard. Designed for universal use, simply attach the Talon shells to your preferred scabbard and secure them to your leg using the provided elastic straps.

Arborists often opt to wear their handsaw on their leg for easy access. With the Talon’s ergonomic design and thick padding, it addresses common issues associated with leg-mounted saws, such as inconvenient strap placement and discomfort from pressure or chafing.


  • Ergonomically designed Talon shells for customisable placement on your leg
  • Eliminates chafing and rubbing for enhanced comfort
  • Adds space between your leg and the saw to reduce catching
  • Promotes superior airflow
  • Compatible with any handsaw scabbard, ensuring universal fit
  • Features a tough rubber strap to secure the scabbard to the shell and an elastic Velcro strap for firm attachment to your leg
  • One size fits all

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