Notch 10ft 1/2" Wirecore Flipline with Glide Rope Grab


This adjustable lanyard revolutionizes work positioning with intuitive one-handed operation and responsive rope adjustments. Its adjustable clutch ensures minimal sit-back under load, while the removable cam offers versatile use with ropes ranging from 11-13 mm or wire-core lanyards.


  • Responsive rope handling with adjustable settings under load.
  • Non-aggressive clutch prevents rope damage and minimises sit-back.
  • Swivel eye design eliminates rope twisting
  • Ergonomic and intuitive grip for comfortable use
  • Accommodates 11mm to 13mm diameter ropes
  • Size-specific removable cam for optimal tension, compatible with wire core lanyards
  • Robust hot-forged aluminum construction with 23 kN MBS
  • Meets ASTM F887 safety standards

Available Lengths: 10ft or 12ft

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