ISC Squirrel FLEX Tether with Accessory Carabiner


ISC’s Squirrel FLEX Tether is meticulously engineered to deliver the ideal blend of rigidity and flexibility essential for SRT Climbing with the Rope Wrench.

Crafted from premium kernmantle rope and enhanced with an advanced Polymer over-moulding, the Squirrel FLEX ensures optimal performance with just the right amount of give, all while boasting an ultra-premium finish.

Designed with precision, the sewn eyes offer a snug fit, securely holding your carabiner in place and providing a strong connection to your rope wrench. With contrasting stitching for enhanced visibility, inspections are a breeze.

Featuring an impressive 9kN (2023lbf) MBS, the hot forged KL100 carabiner is a compact yet powerful accessory, offering a direct link between your chest harness and SRT system.

Download: Technical Datasheet

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